I may HAVE Lyme, but I am NOT Lyme


Although I have had Lyme disease for the better part of my life and honestly cannot remember what it feels like to wake up without excruciating pain… does that mean that my identity, my personality, my image IS the disease?

Absolutely not.  I may have Lyme disease, but I am NOT Lyme disease – it does not define my personality, although it may keep some of it from shining through.

Some days all I can focus on is getting through the next minute, the next hour, because of the pain – but even though it has been that way for years and may continue to be that way for years, I am NOT defined by that pain.

Believe me, this is something I have to remind myself of often.  By no means have I “captured this lesson” completely – just this past weekend, I was exhausted to the point of making it from my bed to my chair to watch tv for the day, and that was all the energy I could muster.  The exhaustion and pain consumed me and for most of the weekend I struggled desperately to remember all that I’ve written above.

Quotes are like my “right-hand man” – this quote to the right sums up this post. I may HAVE Lyme disease, but I am NOT Lyme disease.


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