I’m NOT Lyme, but I feel LYMIE….. blah

 Lyme disease sucks.  Has anyone ever explained chronic Lyme to you?  Well after the explanation, the person should always end with words such as, “this chronic disease is so crappy it makes you want to shoot yourself but you are in too much pain and you have too much head fog to get the job done, SO… you have to just PUT UP WITH FEELING CRAPPY.”

  Or, you could end with something simple and to the point, such as “Lyme disease sucks.” 

  These days when people ask me how things are going as far as my health-protocol with my LLMD doctors, I’m simple and to the point: “it’s rough.  It’s really rough right now.”

  I’ve learned alot from having chronic Lyme disease; this I cannot deny!  Without the disease I would not be the person I am today.  But the person I FEEL like at the moment, is feeling way too much muscle and joint pain, along with four headaches (one threatening to be a migraine) and complete exhaustion.  While I still strive to look on the bright side of life (having gone through the deep valleys of depression), I can still look at this one reality: LYME SUCKS, OKAY? melyme2

  Where is the gluten-free, sugar-free cookies….


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