Lyme & a Lymie, Battling it Out!


  Some days,

Lyme disease and I go head-to-head in an

hour by hour,

minute by minute,

second by second battle…

This photo reminded me of that battle

but actually made me LAUGH at that battle…  

a nice break from the deep-breathing exercises to keep my mind off the pain, a nice break from the wincing when I pick something up that is heavy and my  muscles scream their insults at me, a nice break from seeing red, exhausted eyes in the middle of the day as though I had just fought the third world war… this picture made me laugh at these battles we Lymies fight in the ring every day!!!

  Those precious moments when you CAN laugh while in excruciating and never-ending pain are worth it;

                                                                                                I’d say this photo was TOTALLY worth posting  🙂


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