…a quote that I SOO want to apply to me through chronic illness

funny pics of costumes and superheroes 22

  “I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refused to be reduced by it.”  – maya angelou

If I get through each day, refusing to be reduced by my particular adversity…

well, I would consider myself a superhero.

  Since I so clearly am NOT, I would settle for perhaps looking over the past several months or years and seeing how chronic illness has affected my character.  First of all, there are many days when I wonder what my character and my personality ARE (another lovely symptom of LYME), but one thing stands out to me.

I keep trying.

A mentor once watched me go through an intense time in the workplace and said little as I struggled to get through it intact.  Afterwards however, he had this comment to make: “You kept coming to work.  That was what impressed me the most.  You never missed a day.”

Days or weeks may feel like we are taking steps backwards in our fight… how I know the feeling. But we keep trying.  Lyme patients impress me with that character quality more than many others I know: they keep trying, often against incredible odds.


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