Ever get…. MAD ???


Ever get mad when you talk to your doctor or go to an appointment?  Oh man, I had a few moments recently where “mad” was a nice word to use for how I felt after being told, yet again, that the reason I was not getting better was because I was not doing enough for my health.

Now please understand, there is a lot more that goes into the story and in fairness, the doctor was correct in their analysis – however, for this posting, I’d like to focus on one detail and one detail only.  Have you ever noticed that the sicker you get, the more you have to do to get better?

I have a quote that I say when I get “mad” about this “you have to do more” thing:  well, you have to kill yourself in order to live.  As a chronically ill person, let me just say – that is the truth!  Oh boy, does it “mad” me off.  As a chronically ill person, I LOVE being told that I have to summon more energy (from where, may I ask?), pay more money (do I look as though I’m  made of gold?), take more medications (how would you like ME stuffing twenty-plus pills down YOUR throat every meal, doc), do more alternative stuff at home (when I’m not passed out from exhaustion you mean) and oh, do you drink enough water? eat gluten free? get enough sleep?


Sometimes I guess it is true.  You have to knock yourself out in order to get your body back in order.  “Mads” me off.


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