It’s Okay for Chronically Ill People to Get Out every Once in a While

Did you know that

It is okay

for chronically ill young people,

who spend most of their waking hours in incredible pain tackling not only the enormous challenge of getting better, but also the challenges of finances, future and relationships?

  I have to remind myself of this truth sometimes!  The other day I completed all of the items on my health protocol list – an AMAZING feat for me!! When a friend offered me some time out, I decided… you know, I have completed, what is for me, an amazing schedule today and have kicked butt for my doctors and for my health.  Getting out of these four walls to fall asleep on somebody else’s couch sounded nice!

 Unfortunately, I imagine that due to pain levels, loss of energy and strained finances, many chronically ill young people do not feel that recreational fun is something they can indulge in; at least, this is how I FEEL all the time!!! Guilt often overtakes me when I strive to do something, anything, that is just a little bit “wild” or crazy… for me, that includes something as simple as getting an ice cream cone at McDonalds (no joke).  But the guilt sometimes holds me back – I have bills to pay, arguments to think over before calling my insurance company (so that I don’t forget what I’m arguing about), insurance claims to send in, prescriptions to renew or pick up, supplements to order, and chores such as laundry and taking out the trash as well as walking and taking care of my dog.

Oh yeah.  I definitely see some fun and crazy times ahead in that schedule.

If I did not celebrate the fact that I get through


accomplishing at least one thing (still breathing, right?) and hopefully a few more while juggling this immense burden on my shoulders (re-read the above paragraph if you need proof of the use of the word immense), then let me tell you something…

  NOT doing crazy stuff would MAKE me crazy.

  Hey, that’s a good sentence.

That sums up everything I just said – and THAT, dudes, is WHY it is okay for chronically ill people to get out, get away and go crazy every once in a while.





2 thoughts on “It’s Okay for Chronically Ill People to Get Out every Once in a While

    • So did I, to be honest girl!! As Lymies, we have alot on our shoulders… although we may feel guilty, IT TRULY IS IMPORTANT to have fun every once in a while. Having fun helps us heal.

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