The Fatigue we Feel…


The other night, my body insisted that although I had little sleep the night before and was physically exhausted from the detox regiment I am determined to do to help my body heal,

I would only be allowed several hours before getting some precious sleep…

But then when the clock struck midnight my body awoke, and for some reason (umm, detox anyone??) insisted that I stay in that state until my alarm clock went off.


How lovely.


The next day, I was walking down a hallway with only a couple hours of sleep under my belt; unfortunately, a cup of coffee failed to keep me from suddenly experiencing a dizzy spell and falling against the wall. 

As tired as I was, a giggling episode followed instead of the concern I would usually feel.  This episode repeated itself multiple times throughout the day, causing me to giggle quietly to myself.  Another cup of coffee finally forced me to focus on tasks and keep my mind busy, a plan that worked marvelously to keep me occupied…

And well, awake.


I WILL continue my detox regiment.  My doctor insisted that this be done, and if is done with all the power and energy I do not possess but will somehow summon, the protocol I was given by their office would perhaps allow my body to heal from chronic Lyme.


I hate being told that

because I am not working hard enough,

I am not getting better.


However, I’m kicking butt and will continue to do so, although I promise you tears will flow like never before because of the pain that will most definitely follow during this difficult regiment.  Why? It’s simple: I do not have the energy for thisBUT, I will summon the powers of the universe to suround my body with superhuman powers (lol, haha, but universe, you shall do something to help, yes?)

and although HELL WILL FOLLOW, I will continue to KICK BUTT.


And if I kill myself to get better…then so be it. 

At this time in history, it seems that is how a chronic Lyme patient heals.




One thought on “The Fatigue we Feel…

  1. I’ve been there. In fact I go through it quite often. So frustrating! However detoxing, even if doesn’t cure you, will make a difference for a while and even a small difference for a little while is better than nothing. BTW, love the picture you chose for this one!

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