Dear Diary…

402841_10151133666890107_833455106_22585021_655330511_nDear Diary,

  It’s Monday, and the work day is done.  My joints, as usual, are aching with a fury, and I have a bit of a migraine developing.  Fatigue is starting to show and slow my steps.  This does not mean it’s a bad day…it’s a normal day so far. 

  When I get down about my life and discouraged about my future, there is one thing that can often remind me of little miracles.

  My dog Bella.  She gets so excited to see me when I get home, she wriggles around and barks excitedly. When I hold her, she snuggles her head under my chin and makes little noises that just melt your heart.

  She makes me want to keep going, and she makes me laugh every day.

  Dear Diary… ah, what the heck, pain is pain. I’m used to pain! I have a little miracle in my life, because that little miracle makes me SMILE EVERY DAY. 

  Pain still sucks though.  🙂



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