I’m missing out!!!




These may make you smile, but I’ve included a few of all the wonders of the universe that pass me by…only A FEW. 

  1. Dusting (gives me a horrid headache!)
  2. Vacuuming
  3. Folding clean clothes (oh, just stuff them in the drawer, who cares about being wrinkle-free)
  4. Staying outside in the cold (no concert, display or  museum tempts me to knowingly enjoy the aching muscles I’m sure to feel any moment is worth the aching muscles)
  5. Going out for “Girls Night” (I do it sometimes, when I feel able, but I try hard to be home quite early.  Like 8:00pm or earlier).
  6. Volunteering (I volunteered at the local SPCA and found it SO rewarding; it honestly makes me sad that I can’t physically go and render my services, knowing that the most likely given me will involve heavy lifting or extended, straining cleaning).
  7. Making my bed (it happens occasionally!) – it is one of those tasks that easily wastes the little energy I have.
  8. Going to a salon more than twice a year and doing nails/waxing/whatever else they do
  9. Opening my mail immediately (what mail can’t wait a few days until the feelings of being overwhelmed by the little things in life pass for a time and I feel able to conquer the enclosed papers?)

10.  Remembering more AMAZING LIFE EXPERIENCES that are slipping by me (my brain is fried and turned to mush so DON’T ask me to think – you will regret the decision) …

They say youth is wasted on the young. 

Yep, that’s what they say…


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