Ever Feel Like Your Brain Isn’t Attached?



In the past several weeks, this symptom has especially rung true with me: I walk around feeling as though my brain/skull/head would not be with me if it was not attached.

  • Overwhelmed by life/
  • lack of sleep/
  • extreme pain/
  • physical and emotional side effects from medications that simply must be endured… all these things and more have attributed to the acute feelings that, as I take steps around my home, no original thoughts are passing through my brain, I simply walk without truly thinking about my destination, and carrying on a conversation exhausts me after three or four minutes have passed. 

These feelings make me, well, feel as though if my brain (inside my head) was not firmly attached by bone and muscle to my neck and shoulders it simply would be seen elsewhere, perhaps taking a break for the day in the sunroom or at the spa getting a facial (lol). 

This is no new development, but my thoughts led me to the  photo above which I could not resist sharing with my followers.  On some level, we all have days where we feel as though our brain has left the building. 




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