The Madness of Migraines

migraine this big

Over this past weekend, my body had a major breakdown due to the intense medications I’m taking, ending in several sessions of extreme nausea and a twenty-four hour migraine.


I’m no stranger to migraines – I’ve experienced them since I was thirteen. 

Would you believe that I wake up every single day with a headache? Thankfully every day is not migraine-quality.  However when explaining this side-effect of Lyme disease to doctors, I put it this way – if, on a scale of 1-10, number 10 was the WORST pain you could feel, I would rank my daily headache a number 7.


I can hear your doubts already. 

Most people don’t believe me and I understand that some of you reading this post will most likely believe me to be over-stating my case, blowing the pain out of proportion, or simply lying to get attention.  I’ve been accused of all three (and more) many times. 


Nevertheless the story is true.  At times, the pain increases to “migraine-quality” and this past weekend, a migraine invaded my life and simply refused to leave.

It was a lovely weekend, thanks for asking

I stayed in my darkened room, curled up on my chair with pillows, blankets and a personal heater (my dog Bella).  The television ran constantly, although I wasn’t always watching due to light sensitivity.  During these times it was background noise (at a low-level) to keep my mind off the pain.

My wonderful father gave me comfort after I finally got control of the pain, allowing me to burst out in tears on his shoulder for a few moments as the exhaustion of fighting such intense pain had finally caught up to me.  Bless my father’s heart; although I’m a fighter, taught to be stubborn and independent, I’m also a girl at timesGirls cry, even though this girl has practiced for thirteen years to show little of the battles raging inside to the outside world.  However, as I wiped my tears away I looked my father in the eye and murmured, more for my benefit than his, tomorrow is a new day

Thank heavens for tomorrows.

A few of the Migraine Side-Effects that I feel

(everyone is different and can experience these symptoms to different degrees

as well as many other side-effects not listed here):

  • Extreme light sensitivity
  • Extreme tension around shoulders, neck and entire head.
  • A feeling that if only I could cut off the top part of my brain, the world would be set right again.
  • Unbalance
  • Little sleep
  • Nausea
  • A tendency to be just slightly short with people
  • Little to no energy to chat
  • A tendency to not care about “stupid” things like having on matching socks, wearing make-up, or even looking like I belong to the human race
  • A strong feeling of accomplishment that I made it from my bed to my chair, or from my chair to my bed, or to the restroom and back without falling apart like Humpty Dumpty

2 thoughts on “The Madness of Migraines

  1. Migraines are absolute hell. I get them as part of my illness but I’ve suffered from them all my life even before I got ill. Sorry to hear you have headaches so often but I can understand it as I get a lot too. Migraines are in a league of their own and I’ve even wanted to die while in their grip, so yes I get it. Be gentle with you.

    • Migraines SUCK. There is no other way to say it! They truly are in a different world and those who experience them truly UNDERSTAND them, but it should not be that way… take care of your body and I wish you few migraines in the future. We get it. It SUCKS.

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