This Past Week…

Med Schedule BoardMy table by bed medicines 

This past week I was pondering the issues I should share/discuss/complain about on my next post.


As I was brainstorming I took a few photos of my life with medications and protocols that are rather, well, crazy a** intense.  The first photo you see on the left displays the medications I keep next to my bed.  Let me again point out, THESE ARE THE MEDICATIONS I KEEP BY BED…by no means are these the full amount of bottles kept in my bedroom that are there to hopefully, help me get better.  In fact, those medications are mostly meds that help me sleep, or meds that keep away migraines and illness such as the cold or flu.

NEXT, the photo on the right, although you may not be able to read it and can rightly complain about the darkness of the photo, displays a white board in my hallway.  The white board is labeled “SCHEDULE (AM)” and contains a checklist of all the items I need to take/do/inject/drink/etc.  Without this checklist my sleepy mind often forgets one or two of these items, all of which have been assigned to me by my doctors to do my current Protocol correctly and give my body the best chance possible of healing.

I also made a flash card of this checklist (obviously in a small form) and taped it to my bathroom mirror.  Let’s face it – you cannot avoid either the hallway or the bathroom, so the odds that I will see AND REMEMBER to do these things are fairly good!


But back to my past week: being on antibiotics this week sucked and the pain, headaches and exhaustion were intense.  At times it was hard to write or even type because my hands and fingers were in so much pain, hitting the keys or grasping a pen was too much.


So, pictures were taken and explainedHopefully, they help to show yet another part of what it is like to live with Chronic Illness – of what it is like to live with Chronic Lyme. 


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