The Less PILLS, The Better Baby!


I am constantly on the search for supplements

that are good, healthy, and


                                                  NOT IN THE FORM OF A PILL.  17937619-an-image-of-a-woman-who-hates-taking-pills


Don’t you?  It does not matter if they are large or small, the fact that those with Lyme disease, especially chronic Lyme disease,  are required to take multiple pills every day wears on you.    


Fun Fact about chronic LYMIES:

in almost every case, a large dose of magnesium is recommended

For me, that dose is LARGE.   I got so sick of taking magnesium pills (for my required dosage it was adding up to nearly a dozen per day) that I finally drew upon my mother’s experience and switched to a product she uses, found at http://shop.naturalvitality.comNatural%20Calm%20Magnesium%20Supplement

  Thankfully, this powder-form of magnesium has been working well with my body… and how grateful I am for this!!

   We LYMIES often share what has worked for US, hoping that, in turn, it will work for someone else.   



what works for one body is NEVER guaranteed to work in another’s body. 


this posting is NOT promoting this product, nor am I gearing up to try and sell you this product, I am SIMPLY SHARING what is working for me.  This posting simply comes from a grateful heart who is currently able to dump powder in her water bottle instead of take a dozen-more pills every day.

And I would like to add another note…

I took this product years and years ago and at that time, it was not what my body needed.  Thankfully, my body now reacts well to this product AND the company has added a FLAVORED Magnesium powder that tastes great!


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