Hangin’ with my LYMIES



This past weekend I had a dear friend drive a considerable distance to hang out with me.

She and I both have Lyme and have suffered many of the same side effects. We have gone through many trials in life that relate our lives with Lyme and, being close in age, we know how Lyme has robbed us of certain aspects of our youth.

It’s so easy to chat with her (naturally, being girls chatting was a huge part of our time together).  I would name a supplement or medication I had been on and she was often familiar with it…she would tell me about a new product she was trying and I would often know what it was…she would name a symptom, and I could sympathize.

Many friends tend to tire of someone with chronic Lyme disease after they cancel an appointment or two to hang out 
because they feel like crap, or refuse to make concrete plans because of the day-to-day unknowns of how our bodies will feel.  A fellow Lymie on the other hand, like this friend, is extremely sensitive to this, as am I. 

These attributes can often leave a Lymie friendless; both my friend and I have experienced this during our struggles.  

Hangin’ with a Lymie however, ESPECIALLY one in my age bracket who GETS IT and who can understand the ramifications of the disease is a

refreshing, renewing blessing beyond belief. 


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