Crappy Days…mean LOTS of Quotes

As chronically ill as I am these days, sometimes there are hours or days where the pain level reaches levels beyond imagination…but must be endured as best as I can.  Long ago, I discovered that inspiration/encouraging quotes, written down or printed and stuck to my bathroom walls and mirror as well as bedroom walls and car dashboards.

  I may not believe them when I see them.  But they stick with me somehow… they bring me peace as I practice deep breathing exercises and meditation techniques I learned long ago from reading Dalai Lama books.  The pain lasts…as do the quotes as I see them again and again (after all, you cannot avoid the bathroom, bedroom or car for very long).

Now, I have a blog that contains JUST quotes.  I started the blog for me – so that I would see new quotes each day and go back to them whenever needed. has nearly 300 entries I believe and I hope they encourage those who follow the blog.  Honestly however, they encourage ME. 

Here are some quotes that I wanted to share with other LYMIES and those who try, with their good hearts, to understand this illness.  Having a crappy day, or DAYS, mean lots of quotes.  I hope at least one encourages you as well!


imagesCA2IQ3BMLyme pictrying-inspirational-quotes


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