The Friendship of the Chronically Ill (A Poem)

This is dedicated to my sister.  national-hug-day


The Friendship of the Chronically Ill (A Poem)

The Friendship of the Chronically Ill (A Poem)

It’s like magic.
I overturned a stone and there you were
Vibrant and beautiful
Despite being a damaged specimen
Like myself.
I blended my roots with yours
We became entwined
Into something greater than ourselves alone.
A friendship in the most dire circumstances bloomed
and we became stronger together.
We both require extra special care
But that just makes us a rare form
Special and delicate, 
But worth the effort.
Separated by necessity, not by choice.
Together in spirits,
Two minds aligned
A love forever
Until our end of time.

~ written by Annie for @KimbellyBull.


6 thoughts on “The Friendship of the Chronically Ill (A Poem)

  1. Hello
    My Name is Jim, I really thought my wife ( Wendy ) would not be alive today and yet she is.
    We had a journey that was like no ones I have every heard of. It spanned many years.
    The education and lessons were immense and it took us all over the world in search of a
    cure for her. I wrote it out finally after the journey came to an end so it was available for other to
    read. If you have had a similar journey I would really like to hear about it. We have not met anybody so far. Here is where you can read about it. It is on my website
    I would really like to hear from other who have been here.
    James Reese

    • Jim,
      Reading the story of you and your wife’s fight brought tears to my eyes; while your education over the years certainly FAR exceeds my own knowledge and education, I CAN, truly, identify with your story of misunderstood illness that has threatened you and your wife for years and the numerous attempts at healing that seem to only suck money, energy and hope.
      My illness began at age 13 and was called, by doctor after doctor, something that only existed in my mind, even though I had a blinding headache that never left me and other side-effects that quickly and obviously took over my body. Thankfully my parents believed in Holistic Medications and I began to see a variety of specialists; I was diagnosed with Canididiasis and tried too many diets to name to cleanse my system, including complete Juicing, going gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free…I tried every diet under the sun. I was diagnosed later with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and had off-the-charts Toxicity in my system according to tests that were $500.00 each, at least, to complete. Unorthodox treatments are nothing new to me as yes, I and my family became severe “health nuts,” while my condition worsened and I was bedridden at age sixteen. As a young person I was gifted on the piano and was studying to become a Classical pianist, but my dreams were dashed as I the pain of simply pushing the keys was immense and I had no energy or concentration for the needed 5-6 hours of practice each day; I was forced to drop out of high school and over two years my condition worsened with every doctor visit and every treatment (both holistic and traditional as we were willing to try ANYTHING). I went through constant infections and the illness became life-threatening multiple times during this period. At age 18, I forced myself to get out of bed, finish high school and attempt to live some kind of life; I went through several years of I.V. treatments at a natural holistic center while doing saunas and colonic hydrotherapies several times a week. My diet continued to be gluten-free. As a young person I realized that I had to fight from many angles; I continued with very unorthodox treatments and sought out treatments in the Chinese medication field, while treating my body with countless homeopathic remedies. To be honest, my determination has brought me out of bed and to this point; but my illness IS, unfortunately, my life as I have no other alternative but to fight. I tested positive for chronic Lyme disease ten years into my illness and my education expounded and continues to expound as I see multiple doctors to treat my condition, using both natural and tradition methods. I have no idea how much money has been spent over the past thirteen, almost fourteen years now; I CAN tell you that in the past 10 months alone I, as a 26 year old, have spent over $15000.00.
      My story could continue for pages but ultimately my healing is about ELIMINATION… try something (spend thousands of dollars), and mark it off the list when it fails to help. I am determined to continue my attempts to maintain some style of independance, and work full-time. The battle to do so, however, DAILY threatens my determination of spirit; I have dropped out of community college four times but have always tried again, and will continue to do so to fulfill my dream of completing a degree. It may take me until I’m fourty, but I will get there somehow!
      I can identify in many ways with your story, although I certainly do not have the education you do and cannot claim to truly know what your lives have been like because every story is so different and intensely personal. To many others I am a freak, far beyond the “health nut” stage. That is why I began this blog; there are SO many others who feel alone as illnesses such as ours lock us into our own world and we wonder if anyone else can know our pain. But please know that I understand so much of what you wrote. My blog is meant to reach out and allow others to see into the life of someone who has known the hellish depths of physical and mental anguish while simply trying to LIVE.
      I am continuing to research your site; thank you for sharing your story and the immense knowledge you possess.

      • Hello Shelby
        It seem that you do have an understanding of what it is like. The blog you have will help those who need to know that they are not alone. I have learned more than you can imagine in the care and treatment of chronic illness. As you read through my site you may get some new information. And you may also want to see if my system can work for you. Anyone that I meet via the web I give a complimentary appointment to so they can see if what I have is for them. So if you desire to do that just let me know.
        Take Care
        Great Regards

      • Jim,

        The suffering that chronic illness brings to a person holds levels of pain that most cannot every understand or grasp. To the best of my ability and thanks to my years of suffering, I am able to IDENTIFY, UNDERSTAND and simply LISTEN to others who have experienced any level of chronic pain.

        Assume that levels of daily pain/suffering are rated from numbers 1 – 10, with number 1 being the lowest level and number 10 being the highest level you can imagine, MY DAILY LEVEL floats between numbers 7 & 8.

        Please know my blog attempts, in each post, to let those who suffer know that THERE IS SOMEONE out there who understands and is willing to share deeply personal moments in their life in order to verify that, truly, someone out there has been through incredibly deep and rough waters as well.

        Education is your best defense, and I am grateful for all you the info you have on your website. I will continue to read about the system you have formed and if I believe it will work for my body (every body is different and responds to systems in different ways), I will certainly take advantave of your complimentary appointment, most likely over the phone.

        If you believe that my history as well as the blog that I maintain would, in any way, help your wife, please know I would be more than happy to communicate with her. If she feels alone in her suffering, I can at least do my best to encourage her.

        Unlike many blogs that post information and education for possible ways of healing from chronic pain, blogs that are CERTAINLY extremely helpful and desperately needed, my blog is completely centered on sharing my life, my soul, and my intensely personal moments of suffering. The goal is to allow others going through the rough waters of illness to understand that they are NOT alone.

        Please take care as well,


      • Thank you also for sharing your story.

        I hope that some of the words I write in my blog will encourage you and your wife as you know that SOMEONE understands chronic pain.

        I as replied in my story I have had years upon years upon years of trying new ways of healing, only to continually get worse. Healing is a long process and can be more difficult than climbing Mt Everest.


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