On Life and Lemons

Lemon 2   Although I recently wrote a lovely,

well-worded post about how to deal with stress, I am compelled to add these words of wisdom about the same topic. 

Got stress in your life, fellow chronic LYMIES?

You know what, sometimes, you just have to follow advice such as the following…



 Sometimes you just have to put your stubborn attitude

in front of the crappy life you may be experiencing and slice that sour yellow food.

funny-life-lemonade-lemons            Hey, life sucks.             

             Lemons suck            

(most of the world agrees with me; after all, they are sour).


Umm...referring to the photo above… unless you have a stronger attitude than I,

screw this advice on days that suck…

Hey, if you can’t squirt life in the eye,

you can always follow this advice...minitokyo-original-wallpaper-249468

And that,

my fellow LYMIES,

is my mature advice for the day.


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