Do I Scare Ya? Huh, HUH??

 People should be just a bit afraid of those who have suffered from chronic illness for extended periods of time.

  You know why?lyme dude


  We KNOW things about life that they don’t; and perhaps will never learn.

  We KNOW the value of small steps forward and appreciate them; most complain about all the difficulties of their life they miss out on the good stuff.

  We KNOW many ways of taking care of ourselves and our bodies; many will go through life with Dorito’s as a life companion without a second thought (I can’t judge this lifestyle, though – I’d LOVE Dorito’s every day!!)

  And these, dear LYMIES, are only a FEW of the many, many, MANY ways that we scare – nay, intimidate others.  I only got the ball rolling, so to speak, on this issue; LYMIES of the world, unite to consider the other ways in which we intimidate others because of our illness!

  (For added emphasis to this post, I added the green guy up top).


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