Maladie Chronique

chronic illness quotes

Chronic illness does funny things to you,

even if you consider  yourself an “experienced sickie” with years of illness under your belt. Psychologically speaking, I know that I have come a long way and am much stronger now in situations when life has poured down trials made of fire.

 I have a long way to go, however; maturity is made up of humility and the choice of keeping a good heart even when others betray and hurt you. 

 Self-confidence, finding out how my body and mind react under difficult circumstances,

along with deep stubbornness and determination to survive,

are key factors I lean on when life hits me from behind.  chronic illness quotes 6

There are times, as I believe every LYMIE would likely be able to confirm, when that blow shatters your self-confidence and your belief that you CAN get through painful days.



 Because I have no wise words to impart, as I too have fragile moments and steady days of low self-confidence, I decided to search the internet for encouragement from others and found several quotes that not only helped me and therefore are going on my bathroom walls (my mirror is full of quotes already), but quotes that I thought others going through chronic illness would appreciate.

chronic illness quotes 7

chronic illness quotes 5 chronic illness quotes 3












chronic illness quotes 10 chronic illness quotes 9


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