What Is Courage

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A wonderful and trusted friend

asked how I was doing this evening.

General acquaintances often ask this question because culturally, it is a polite greeting and comes with an expected, generic answer.

But for a trusted friend my answer becomes more personal.

“Ah, well – overwhelming… Trying to just keep up with life, even though it seems as though LIFE is rushing past me uncontrollably because I can’t keep up,” I replied.
  •  For someone with chronic Lyme disease, it takes courage to face life.

Heck, it takes courage to get out of bed and face a new day, knowing that you will go through hours of incredible pain, knowing the day will most-likely include some (if not all!) of the following:
  • fatigue and physical exhaustion/headaches/chills/muscle aches and joint pain/swelling in your joints/nausea/shortness of breath/brain fog/dizziness/and staying on top of the protocol (program) that can include taking medications and supplements four-six times per day at specific times, consuming the proper amount of clean water, eating healthy foods (often gluten/dairy/sugar-free foods), consuming supplements for detox (such as green tea),

  • (the list goes on and on)

I was young when I started to face strange symptoms that could not be accounted for; now,  after over a decade of life with chronic LYME disease I have a few definitions of what courage means:
  • courage often means simply getting out of bed

  • it means placing one foot in front of the other, and getting through each day hour by hour

  • courage is knowing that each day you will face challenges you have already battled a thousand times before, and choosing to fight those again morning after morning.

Courage is trying while crying.  For every other young person with chronic LYME disease, don’t forget this truth:



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