Sometimes…I Give Up

sadness I'm your girl

Will I ever get better?

Will my fight against chronic Lyme ever be over for me?

These thoughts cloud my mind and determination to fight and sometimes… I give up.

I’ve worked so hard for nearly fourteen years, been so determined, and tried again and again to heal only to face failure in my attempts.

Failure teaches us lessons, sure… but with the battles of chronic Lyme facing me, trying with all its might to crush me under its weight, sometimes my knees buckle and I fall to the ground. 

I have no strength to get up, even though I must.  I have no inner determination to continue fighting, even though I have no choice.  I have no positive spirit, no ability to dream of days when I will be well. 

  Those with chronic Lyme experience the same battle; young people with chronic Lyme especially have reason to succumb to these thoughts as the disease

threatens our youth and steals our ability to

pursue a career, finish our education, succeed in a relationship or become independent.

 It’s a reality that I face daily. I learned long ago that no easy answer to the fight against chronic Lyme exists for me and in all likelihood, my fighting will continue for years to come as I struggle to simply survive.

 Sometimes facing reality is too much for my Lyme-riddled brain.
Other people, young people especially, who are facing chronic Lyme know this same feeling. 

To those who understand my words, know that there are people in the world who feel your inner pain and struggles.  


There are people, such as myself, who can and do,

drop to our knees right beside you when you face similar battles, sharing your tears. 

 You are not alone. You are understood by someone out there.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes…I Give Up

  1. Thank you, this has helped me so much just by reading it. I hope every lymie will find this post and understand that they are not alone.

    • I created this blog for that very reason – I want other LYMIES to know that there IS someone out there who experiences the hellish pain and suffering of chronic Lyme disease. They are not alone… and you are not alone either!

      I’m so glad that my post helped you, and I hope my future posts also encourage you that, again, you are NOT alone!

      If you have any suggestions or requests relating to my personal experience for future posts, please feel free to ask. I want to reach out and identify and other’s stories as much as I can.

    • I’m so glad that my story was helpful to you and encouraged you by knowing that you are NOT alone in the suffering you experience!

      I echo your words and hope that other LYMIES are able to gather hope and encouragement from my posts… I created this blog specifically for those reasons, as well as to remind those going through chronic illness that someone out there DOES understand.

      If you have any requests for future blogs, to inquire if I have experienced something that you have gone through or something in my story or history that you have questions about or would like explained more deeply, please feel free to let me know. Again, the goal is to let others know that I have gone through the rough waters of chronic pain and can often identify with others who have experienced a similar illness.

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