Blog Photo 8-2-13It was late the other evening as I discarded my book with frustration.

Reading often helps me escape the terrors of my mind, when negative thoughts threaten my sanity.

My physical exhaustion from the day’s activities had caused my muscles to start shaking & the battle in my mind only added to these shakes.

  It was nearing midnight.  

My attempts to calm my anxious mind so that I could sleep had proved worthless on this occasion,

so I decided to try a bold new tactic:

 going to a dance under the stars,

an activity I’d heard about, advertised for my age group. 

As I joined the dance, an adorable male instructor was leading everyone in a group dance, showing everyone one dance move at a time.  I tossed back my hair, swung my hips and got into the groove.


  I was loving it and swingin’ to the beat,

when the instructions to get “low, low, low, low,” suddenly caused my knees to buckle and my “LOW” became a “SQUAT.”

I pushed myself up, fell, pushed again with all my strength,

then realized that I could not move from my position without the help of others.

 After several dancers fell over me, they understood the same thing.

  • It is incredibly humbling to know that part of your body is jello and without the help of others, you would not be able to move around.

  •  It is incredibly humbling to fall and have no strength to stand again.

  •  It is incredibly humbling know that your body is so riddled with Lyme, despite your best efforts to fight it, that at any moment you can lose control over muscle function/nerve sensations/joint movement/speech ability/etc, etc.

Often, Lyme disease forces a person to give up their “FUN” activities.

 The ability to just HAVE FUN in life is essential! 


  I wanted to Dance Under the Stars to forget about reality and have fun. It was, however, a stupid decision on my part, knowing that I was already physically exhausted.

My “FUN” activities are obviously limited.

  “Dancing by the Couch” just became a highly sought after, extremely skillful activity though…

and I happen to ROCK at it. 


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