The Mess about Stress

 As a chronically ill Lyme patient, I have enough on my mind to worry about; the aches and severe pains, the daily battles to chug down medications and supplements while maintaining a healthy diet, and the ongoing struggle against severe fatigue are enough to send my brain into a tailspin. download

This life is stressful.  Too stressful.  STRESS, honestly, should be a four-letter word.


  Isn’t it enough that we LYMIES fight for survival every day of our lives? Apparently not because life, in all its beauty, often imposes situations and environments that can quickly cause our stress level to skyrocket.

Last week, I had an “anxiety attack” – this, for me, usually means a time when I cannot get my mind out of the depressed and lonely pit of despair as I wonder about my future, often fighting a lack of oxygen as either air hunger or deep gasps take over, attempting to cover the strong urge of tears with a strength that is not in me, causing my body to shake as my mind continues to whirl with brain fog, despair, dizziness, and the inability to snap back into control.

 These symptoms are caused by Lyme. They are not part of my personality.  The times of inability to deal with stress is linked back to the effects chronic Lyme has had on my brain.

Honestly though, having to fight this attack for 7 1/2 hours straight was beyond stressful as it pushed my body and brain to the limits.


  It would be nice if this incident was a one-time horror story (I laugh at the thought).  The reality, unfortunately, is that these times of anxiety and stress often come multiple times per week, if not multiple times per day.  It takes immense energy to survive these times of inner struggle.  

What a truly stressful mess.



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