So powerful but elusive, a night of good and decent sleep is a rare gift when you are going through Lyme disease.
Volumes could easily be filled in regards to sleeplessness and its constant presence when struggling through Lyme disease.  However, it was my choice to fill the following post with an entry on this subject, written a year ago in my personal Lyme Journal.
Words from the past are testimony that the writer understands the subject they have chosen to discuss.   My Lyme Journal holds countless entries written during the hours when my body should have been sleeping, resting, and healing.  Not only is it difficult to fall asleep due to the amount of pain experienced with Lyme, it is hard for your body to sleep through the night and wake up rested.  Sleeplessness is a symptom of Lyme disease and is, as one health practitioner put it, like a black widow; it effects all other areas of your life when it comes and goes with a will and maddening power all its own.

September 2012

Dear Journal,

  It’s barely 4:00am and I’ve been awake for a while.  I woke up as if my alarm had gone off wondering where the fire was – if I was in pain or had perhaps forgotten something and my body or mind was trying to remind me.  But no, there was nothing.  Just another morning where I was reminded that no matter how diligent you are with your schedule of food, water, and pills, your Lyme symptoms can still flare at any given moment.

  All the muscles in my back, shoulders and neck ache.  My right upper arm and right hand feel as though I have been typing madly on a typewriter all night.  My right pointy finger barely wants to move…I’m doing some light yoga and deep breathing to try and get my body and muscles to relax so hopefully that will help.  I just bought brand new PosturePedic pillows for my bed but considering the tension in my neck, I may need to invest more money into pillows and look into other options.

  Money, money, money…someday, someone will need to explain to me why it costs so much to get better.  The sicker you are, the more it costs.  That seems so wrong – it IS so wrong. 

  Freaking h***! Why can’t I just sleep???



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