ENERGY?  image


What, that feeling of actually wanting to et out of bed in the morning and immediately get into the swing of life instead of heading straight to the couch?
1What a wonderful commodity and how incredibly helpful that would be – how do I get some??

All LYMIES, no matter how long they have battled, know the feeling of an exhaustion that follows you around and leaves you unable to complete sometimes the most basic of activities.

It’s humbling, defeating, and discouraging.

Today I did two loads of laundry and took a shower. 

It was a good day!! I had energy to do several very small, insignificant activities on life’s “must-do” list.

Yesterday I got some mail organized. Oh it’s not filed yet; but it’s on the floor in a neat little stack waiting for the day I devote what little energy I have to putting them in their proper place.

Every day I, like so many other LYMIES, choose a few small tasks to try and accomplish.

Some days we fail; some days we succeed.

Every day WE TRY.


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