Life Doesn’t Stop for Lyme

2014-01-02 17.41.37

It’s snowing outside.

It’s beautiful.

  Happy New Year LYMIES!

Outside, this New Year started out gorgeously, but my New Year started off a bit differently.


2014-01-02 17.13.17Yesterday

my pain level was so intense from Treatment for Lyme, I could have chewed my way through something. 

  Something like wood,  as I so ceremoniously declared to a member of my support team when they graciously inquired after my health.

 “Well, I can chew through a 2×4 if that gives you any indication,”
I lovingly snapped while I went limping by, my arms clinging to the walls as my knees buckled constantly from the pain beneath me.

  My joint pain was through the roof. My muscles were throbbing. Spasms had hit my bones like little electric shocks, here and there, and everywhere all at once, making me want to dance because of the pulse but die because of the intensity.


I couldn’t sleep off the pain because it was just too much to handle, so I walked it off as much as I could. It was slow going though: my oxygen was low due to the Treatment medications prescribed to me. It was, well, “wheezy” going as I walked. My memory, thanks to low oxygen and high levels of pain, was fighting for survival. I can proudly announce that while writing a check however, I remembered to mark the new year.

In short, I greeted 2014 with the followingscreaming joints, throbbing muscles, intense spasms, low oxygen, difficultly with memory, difficulty relaxing due to pain, difficulty sleeping due to pain, difficulty walking due to pain, and the unique ability to chew through a 2×4 due to the incredibly high pain level.


2014-01-02 17.43.50  Voltaire once said, “When the music changes, the dance changes.” 

  It snows, and ushers in a new year.

  Treatments for your Lyme disease can change the music in your body,
and therefore change the dance of healing in your life.  

Here’s to a new dance of healing in 2014.


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