Adult Life and Lyme Life

  • Have responsibilities other than putting your toys away?
  • Entering or entered into those ages where you are considered capable of handling adulthood?
  • Adulthood responsibilities and commitments surround you, as well as a life complicated by Lyme disease?

  Hey, me too! Doesn’t it just SUCK sometimes?

cat with hair

  You can’t get away from it, even if you are sick as a dog from Lyme disease, that cruel reality of life as an adult.  When I was bedridden from Lyme disease I was forced to face the fact that college could quite possibly never happen and that a whole new career would have to be chosen, since my desire to become a Classical pianist was torn from my hands without my permission.  That was my introduction to life as an adult with Lyme.

  Now, years later, I have even more realities that remind me that, no matter how overwhelmed I become by the illness in my body, life doesn’t stop or slow down. If I make a mistake, forget a responsibility, or disappear from a commitment, the consequences will bounce back; money will be wasted, loved ones will be hurt, helpful souls will never be seen or heard from again.

  A funny image came to mind today as I realized the stupidity of a decision I had made recently, a decision that will now cost both myself and my support group a large sum of money.  You know those safety “guards” who stop traffic to allow school children to cross the roads, and the signs they hold up?

  Why can’t we LYMIES have those signs too? If only this image could become a reality because, let me tell you, I would use that h*** out of that sign. Today, for example, I would have held it high and screamed,

“Life! Stop! Can’t you see my sanity is crossing over to the other side?!? Give me some time to get it back, and then I’ll allow you to continue!”

  Ah, if it could only be…what a wonderful, amazing thing it would be to behold, and how much better it would be for us LYMIES than the reality we live in every day. 


2 thoughts on “Adult Life and Lyme Life

  1. Hey gal,
    The last two articles were great and the quote is perfect for me right now…it’s impossible untill its done. Yep.
    And yes, we need that set up for Archers room. Awesome!
    Kinda working through Han and whats going on there. Love ya, and we say Hi to Adrian!

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