What Quote Best Describes You?

Below, I have given ten quotes or sayings

that describe those who are ill and in pain, and those who are suffering constantly. We are all in different stages of chronic disease, however; and so, keeping this in mind, I challenge you to pick ONE of the quotes below that best “hits home,” or best describes you at this time.
Feel free to then copy that quote onto your own blog. Sometimes, relying on the words of others keeps us from becoming overwhelmed when we attempt to describe the physical, emotional, and psychological pain we have to endure every day.
When you pick that ONE quote that best describes you at this time in your life, I would love to know as well. How can I continue to post my tidbits and scribbles, when I am unaware of the audience I am addressing? I want to HELP with this blog – so HELP me, if you can!
Go ahead, read the words of others now and hopefully, you will find a quote or saying that means something to you at this point in your life.


chronic illness 3




chronic illness 10





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chronic illness 4








chronic illness 9


10 thoughts on “What Quote Best Describes You?

    • Excellent point – each day can vary so much when facing illness, that the quotes I posted could possible ALL apply to you depending on the day! When waking up in the morning I realize I need a certain kind of encouragement for that day, and so I focus on one or two of my many note cards posted around my apartment.
      Thank you for your reply 🙂

  1. Hi Shelby,
    thank you for another great idea. I’m going to copy all of these onto index cards and post them around my bedroom and office, since those are about the only 2 rooms I use. I have all different colors of Sharpies and I’m going to use them to make it really stand out. Awesome idea. Hope your day has been a good one.:)

    • Tammy,

      I’m so glad that having quotes and sayings on index cards is helpful to you!!! Have fun with putting them together – you go girl, use those Sharpies!!
      I’ve found that having note cards with quotes around my apartment has been sooo, so helpful to me. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see someone else’s words of encouragement when I feel stuck inside my own head all the time. I hope that this idea really blossoms for you and truly helps.

  2. Got it done. I’m going to put them on the walls around my bedroom and my office. I’m rather proud of my project. Thanks for that great idea.:)

    • Awesome, girl! You can always have cards and Sharpies ready, in case you see additional quotes or sayings that you want to add to the collections. I say that because my other blog, bellaquotes.wordpress.com, has hundreds of inspirational quotes; I keep finding more and I HAVE to share them!!! 🙂
      Enjoy those index cards, and I wish you many positive thoughts as you surround yourself with encouragement.

      • I got all 10 of those done and finally got them pinned up on the walls of my bedroom and office, oh and I even hung one up in the bathroom in my bedroom. They are everywhere. I’ll have to check out your other blog and get busy doing some more. It was also a great distraction from my pain. Thanks for sharing.:)

    • Thank you so much! I’m definitely going to check it out and I always appreciate people taking a few minutes to read my blog!!

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