MY QUOTES for TODAY (thursday)


I need a certain encouragement.

And so, being me, I run to my note cards to try to drink in the positive energy outlining every quote or saying.
A reader pointed out to me that some days, a certain quote will be your lifeline…but the next morning, you roll out of bed and face new challenges and therefore, need different words of encouragement and inspiration. Some quotes apply to you on Monday, while some quotes could apply to you on Tuesday. This is so true, and I thanked my reader for pointing this out to me!
Of course, being me, frustration was pecking away at my spirit as certain challenges arose throughout my day and I needed to find the right words to “say it for me” while allowing me to calm my spirit. The following quotes are true and humorous and I appreciate humor about the hard facts of life (having to be fake in front of others because a certain situation required it/being totally, completely, 100% crazy which SHOULD scare you because I’m happy as a crazy person).

Today, the


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