Ways I’m Currently Coping with Lyme

  During every phase of my fight against chronic Lyme disease, I have a treatment plan that I follow; a plan that is either dictated by my doctor, put together by me, or a combination of the two.  A combination of the two has been the most common plan and currently applies to my present treatment schedule.

  I want to share some of the ways I am currently coping with Lyme disease on my own, with natural treatments or supplements. New natural products or ideas are researched consistently however, and I try these new ideas all the time. But for now, here are a few things that I currently use to combat my Lyme disease:



















































































3 thoughts on “Ways I’m Currently Coping with Lyme

  1. Shelby – who sugests the list of supplements and things for you? My doctor (and the think it may NOT be Lyme at all)…. so I’m in the dark really. Do you have a special naturopath you see separately? Do they call Naturopaths doctors in the US? My fellows here argue against each other – you’d call them Primary Care Docs, but neither one will be in 2nd place 🙂 and neither will acknowledge Naturopath as a valid opinion for helping ‘me’. Confusion reigns supreme!

    • I apologize from my heart for such a late reply! Your question is important to me however, and I will answer it according to the knowledge I have – my own experience! 🙂

      I’ve had many Doctors I’ve seen fight about this issue and disagree with the natural things I was on or the naturopath’s I was seeing. The struggle for finding good supplements for you is a struggle that is very familiar not only to me but other Lymies. I have gotten recommendations from my SPECIALIST doctors – they have helped me out alot. But I’ve also gotten alot of suggestions from friends, family, and friends of the family. I try to always do my own research before buying something but I am still on things that, say, my sister told me about years ago because it works. Also, since you are connected into the blog world, you can read what Lymies are taking, and if you find a blog where the posts are full of questions about certain medications or Supplements and then read the answers from MULTIPLE Lymies.
      I’ve also found things on my own – do you have any books regarding healing from Lyme from one of the Lyme doctors over here? They usually have a list of suggestions, and suggestions that go along with whatever protocol you are on!
      Google an issue you are experiencing and also put -natural remedies- in the search. I’ve done a lot of my own research that way.

      If you are able to go to a Naturopath, that might be a good place to start. Otherwise, my experience has relied heavily on friends, family, friends of family, and my own research, along with Lyme books I have looked at.
      Can I help in any other way? Did I answer your question?


      • Thanks, Shelby, my response is late too – mving housr amongst other things. My Lyme doc and my GP – the equivalent of your Primary Care doc, now agree and apparently I don’t have Lyme disease. I have been tested (finally) for MTHFR and I have a C677T homozygous gene. I now need more gene tesrs before they know what t do. So, in essence I have poisoned my body for 12 months with horrid antibiotics, screwed up my systmbadly and now I’m no further ahead than I was before.
        Yur rply did help me, as I will need supplements eventually to jelp out with the gene mutations. It’s been a shock in the middle of moving and I wasn’t happy about it. From all I now the MHFR testing is doen before the Lyme therapu/treatment begins, not 12 mnths down the road,.
        But that is what has happened and I will let you know how I go.
        Bessings on your journey and thank you for the wonderfu resply.
        Bless, Susan x

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