“Lyme cocktail, on the rocks please”

  Both yesterday and today, I have had a

Lyme cocktail consisting of excruciating pain in the muscles and joints, mixed with extreme brain fog and a shot of despairing thoughts.

  I’ve been “on the rocks” as I’ve struggled through each long hour, spending my time on my couch and moving around as little as possible. I am currently wrapped up in my heating blanket with heating pads to help cool the fire that burns every time I move a muscle.

Walking is difficult as I can only move slowly, gritting my teeth and hanging on to the walls as the pain intensifies with each step.

  This Lyme cocktail is bitter and strong, with a shot of insanity and a splash of unending and unbearable pain. Certainly not my favorite drink.

  Can’t I just throw this cocktail out the window and order a light, sweeter drink that gives me the energy to live life with reduced suffering on this lonely couch



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