Being Social in Your Home

Because of my severe health conditions and my inability to function on my own at this time, my parents have graciously allowed me to stay with them.  They are sensitive to letting me have my own space.  However, their public lives don’t end because of me.


  Recently, my parents had company over, a wonderful couple who are aware of my condition.  I tried to help with getting ready for them, taking over some of the food preparation and house cleaning.  When they arrived I greeted them and chatted for a few moments.  But out of the multiple days they stayed at my parent’s I only hung out with them three or four times, and the length of those times combined equaled less than three or four hours.


  Unfortunately for me, I have very little energy to spend on tasks other than the pursuit of healing.  This means that my social life is limited; in fact, I wouldn’t get involved in my parents visitors except that I believe they earn the respect of such an act, and therefore I always introduce myself, make small talk, and check in with the company once or twice before saying goodbye.   Social life is mostly stripped from my daily life because of my health.  I only get together with a friend when I am feeling up to it.  For my parents company however, I try to respect the fact that I am under their roof and make sure that I do my basic company socializing, no matter how I feel.


It’s hard however.  So many Lyme patients are forced to live with their parents or friends because they need support while fighting their disease. Learning to live in harmony, learning to respect their lifestyle, and learning what is expected of them: these are all battles we must conquer when living with a support team.


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