Brain, Brain, Where Art Thou?

Yesterday I was at the hairdressers, ready to get my hair cut.  I went to a new hairdresser this time, so I was unfamiliar with their system.  Also, I only had a limited amount of sleep under my belt and though I thought I had enough brain power to see me through, my experience proved otherwise.

Walking up to the counter I was greeted by a woman.  “Are you getting a shampoo, cut, and blow dry?” she inquired, obviously having asked that same question a million times.

  “Haircut,” was all I could mumble after a brief moment of dead silence.  She watched me then nodded. Suddenly, my mind began to spin – wait, did she say shampoo, CUT, and blow dry? That was exactly what I wanted, and that was the only combination they were offering. Holy crab cakes.  I just made myself look like an idiot.

And I wasn’t done.

When the hairdresser began asking me questions about the type of cut I wanted after I showed her an example on my phone, my brain went blank again.  Didn’t I just show her the picture of what I wanted?  Shouldn’t she know how many layers to cut now?  Why is she asking me questions?

  “Um…yeah,” I responded blankly to her questions.  Wait, what did I just agree to? Then she began to shampoo my hair, and proceeded to ask more questions.  What questions, I have no idea.

“Mmmhmm,” was my response to whatever she was saying.  My brain went blank again.  Doesn’t she know customers can’t hear others with shampoo all up in their ears?

All I knew was I had showed her a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like.  I felt so tired sitting in that chair as she cut away, tense but also very tired.  My brain had shut off.  Turns out, she butchered my hair and I walked away a very sad customer.  But I couldn’t argue, or even tell her that she had cut it completely wrong.  By that time, the energy source to my brain was zapped and it was all I could do to drive home, where I fell onto the couch.

Oh brain, where are you when I need you?


2 thoughts on “Brain, Brain, Where Art Thou?

  1. Oh honey!! I know exactly what you mean!! “Do you have a co-op card?” Yes. “this is the one for Tesco” Oh, here you go. “put your card in the machine” I hand it to the cashier, she reaches around and puts in the machine herself… oh sorry … “you can take your card now” staring off into exhausted-land “you can take your card now” Oh … yeah … um … thanks … I’m sure your hair looks way better than the first time I tried to cute my own hair … 😛

    • You tried to cut your own hair? Bless your heart!!! That story you told rigs SO true with me. I have done that so many times …it’s ambaressing isn’t it! And frustrating. Ah well, we have brains, they just refuse to work sometimes.

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