Good Days Do Come

Recently, my body has improved in health.  After fifteen years of struggling, I have finally been enjoying some good days.  My mood has improved, my brain fog has been significantly reduced, my muscle aches and pains have gone down in pain and my energy has increased. my life with lyme blog post

This has been a long time coming!  My optimism towards the years ahead and what they hold has greatly increased.  I am working for an amazing business and enjoying more of a social life.  Thank heavens I am out of my previous job – leaving that toxic workplace has allowed me to enjoy a stree-free environment and therefore allowed my body to begin the healing process.

However, even though I am enjoying more good days, I am fully aware that chronic Lyme disease is a never ending battle and must be fought every day.  Keeping this in mind, I am continuing to fight hard for my life so that these good days can continue.  Knowing chronic Lyme as I do, I realize that no good thing can be taken for granted.

If you have read previous posts on this blog, you understand that I have struggled with serious health issues for years and have gone through very rough times.  Because of this, I am significantly more sensitive to others who have gone through similar struggles.  Most chronic Lymies can identify with my past and I am forever grateful that because of my past, I can attempt to help others who struggle with symptoms including depression, anxiety, achiness, joint pain, brain fog, headaches, sleep issues and the list goes on.

The reason for this post is to impress upon you that it is NOT impossible to get better.  There is true potential to experience better health in your life and in turn, more good days.  I am living proof!  Remember, this is after fifteen years of struggling.  And I will continue to struggle because Lyme disease doesn’t quit trying to ruin your life.  However, I believe God has truly performed a miracle in my life.  It didn’t happen suddenly; it was a gradual increase in energy and a gradual decrease in pain.

Of course, not every day is a good day.  Bad days still happen, but not as often as they once did.  My doctor and I are continually seeking new treatments that will help heal my body.

The following are some examples of how my days have improved:

– Waking up in the morning feeling more refreshed

-Not immediately having to run to the couch after waking up thanks to an increase in energy

-Being able to concentrate on my job due to a significant decrease in brain fog

-Enjoying more exercise in my daily routine

-Enjoying more time with friends and family in a social setting

-Being able to spend hours standing or walking thanks to significantly less achiness

Of course, better health does not just happen without effort.  My doctor and I have worked very hard in the past months to heal my body.  The following are some of things I attribute my better health to:

-Sticking to a very strict Paleo diet (no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, grains or flour except for Coconut flour)

-Losing a significant amount of weight due to the Paleo diet

-Taking a large assortment of enzymes that improved my digestion

-Drinking a lot of Vitamin C throughout the day

-Taking MethylGuard to combat MTHFR

-Replacing multiple medications with natural supplements

-Leaving a toxic work environment

-Enjoying a stress-free environment in both my home life and my work life (I now work from home and do not have to deal with an unprofessional boss or unhappy, vindictive co-workers)

-Sleeping more due to a decrease in stress

-Spending time with only those friends and family that are fully supportive

-Completing a parasite protocol that decreased my toxic load

-Combating Babesia/Borrelia with special protocols

-Going to counseling which improved my sense of self-worth and self-acceptance (despite the difficulties in my life)

-Allowing myself to forgive my past and concentrate on my future

-Getting involved in groups that gave me the opportunity to help others through their health struggles

Although my days are still filled with pain and uncertainly, I am truly enjoying better health and a more optimistic outlook on life.  Currently, my concentration is on how I can continue to better my health through a stricter diet, more protocols, herbal remedies, and flushes.  Just because I have gotten better does not mean that I am giving up the fight against chronic Lyme disease.  The fact is that I will struggle with chronic Lyme for the remainder of my life.  However, thanks to hard work and God working in my life and through my doctors, I am more equipped to deal with the day-to-day fight to better my health.

What does my future hold?  We never know how a day will go when we wake up.  That is reality of chronic disease.  But I want you to know that you too can experience better health.  I did not always believe this; there were years of deep depression and anxiety during which I thought no future was possible for me.  Are you also going through difficult times?  I cannot predict your future but I want you to know that the impossible IS possible.  You CAN get better.

Put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror that reminds you of this reality.  Life CAN change. Health CAN get better.  Rough days will come, I guarantee you; they will certainly happen to me in the years to come.  However, you never know what tomorrow brings. Don’t give up.


3 thoughts on “Good Days Do Come

  1. Shelby’s Mom and I can testify that Shelby is much, much better. We get to see her everyday and also remember the darker times. Thank our dear Lord for what He’s done in and through her! -Shelby’s Dad

  2. We rejoice with you. Praise God for continuing to answer our prayers. We know the fight is not over but we are so thankful for the positive outlook.

    • Ken and Marilyn, thank you so much for your encouraging reply. I rejoice too! Thank you for reading my little blog 🙂

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