Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 pic
 It’s the first month of a brand-new year.  It is usual for many people to set new goals to achieve within the following months.  Those of us who suffer with chronic illness however, tend to be more cautious with setting expectations that can easily be unachievable simply because of the varying struggles of our daily lives.
 While I share this concern, I also like to set fluid challenges for myself; intentions, shall we say, that I aim to pursue for my betterment. These intentions, for the most part, revolve around my body and health. Below I would like to share a few of my general intentions to begin pursuing in the new year.  Before listing these however, I will share a few secrets that keep me sane during the craziness of dealing with my chronic disease and help me pursue intentions and goals without becoming too overwhelmed.


SECRET #1: A Break from the Endless Pills

 Multiple times per day, I consult my cupboard for the countless pills I swallow each day.  These include medications, supplements and even herbal droppers.  Day after day, week after week, month after month I faithfully take these pills because I know they are needed to support and uplift my body.  

 Once a week however, I allow myself a break.  Either in the morning or in the evening, I set aside my pills and enjoy some freedom.  Since reality dictates that I will be taking pills for the rest of my life, I find this incredibly freeing to be able to just occasionally ignore the rigors of my pill cupboard.  This may not work for everyone, and there are certain medications (such as thyroid medications) that must be taken on a daily basis, no matter what.  Although I understand and accept this truth, I still allow myself a break from as many pills as possible once per week.

SECRET #2: A Break from Dietary Restrictions

 In order to maintain a healthy weight, a good gut and as little pressure on my muscles and bones as possible, I stick to a very strict diet.  Just like in my first secret however, I allow myself a break once a week from this diet.  After this break I am guilt-free, knowing I limit myself 99% of the time and it is better to break free once a week than to do so constantly from the pressure of wanting those forbidden items.  Keep in mind that everything should be in moderation; I don’t binge on greasy fried foods or pure sugar items as I know what they do to my system.  When I “cheat,” I still maintain some balance.

SECRET #3: Engaging in Something You Love Everyday

 As young adults or older adults, our lives revolve around the mini-crisis that never seem to cease.  This is especially true of those of us with chronic diseases.  While work, family and healthy eating are obvious essentials to responsible daily life, I believe nourishment for the soul is just as needed.

 Pursuing something I love everyday lifts my heart and spirit.  This is often a simple task, such as picking up a good book or watching a favorite tv show.  For some, it may be outdoor exercise or volunteer work.  Others, perhaps talking on the phone or chatting with friends on Facebook.  Whatever encourages you, take a few minutes of your day and do it.  The result is an accompanying peace and contentment when you have to complete the required responsibilities of your day.


 Now that I have shared a few secrets, I would like to share a few of my intentions, or goals, for this new year.



  • Work on my liver

Thanks to years of both oral and IV antibiotics, my liver is under a fair amount of pressure. I am currently taking a good amount of Lecithin and eating a lot of certain foods to help prop up this major organ.

  • Maintain a diet with mostly greens

Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. Need I say more?

  • Switch to more natural products

I have recently begun making homemade beauty products. These have worked great and I love not putting so many chemicals in my body!

  • Research solutions for headaches/migraines

This is something I have struggled with for years and so far my research has been incredibly frustrating. I don’t want to just take a pill; aren’t there ways to avoid getting the headaches in the first place?

  • Keep my friends on this blog updated

Perhaps by continually sharing how I am working on my health and how I am dealing with life, I may encourage someone out there who is struggling to do the same.


Please understand that one of my most basic goals is to simply survive.  This is a motto for many who struggle with chronic Lyme disease.  This may be your goal too, and I salute you for already accomplishing this (you got up this morning, didn’t you?)  We should be rewarded for fighting so bravely, so strongly, every second of every day.  Those without chronic illness simply do not realize how much it takes to get through each 24 hours.
 No matter what this new year holds for you, I wish you strength for your journey, courage for your battles, and the miracle of better health. Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

    • John,
      Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! I feel blessed to have so many read my little blog 🙂

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