My fur-baby, Bella

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Several years ago I rescued my dog, Bella, off the streets.  Since then she has truly saved my life in more ways than one. Whenever I have a rough day I cuddle up with Bella, finding comfort in her silent support.


  Rescuing Bella was not easy; because of special circumstances, it took months for me to finally and fully own her.  Those months of waiting were terrifying for me and while I appreciated any moment I could spend with her, I dreaded the times when she was away from me, fearful I would never see her again.  Thankfully, the story had a very happy ending and now, she is my forever fur-baby.


 Sometimes, I am a tremendous amount of pain, whether emotional or physical, and I cannot communicate what I am feeling to my support team.  Every one who deals with a chronic illness will understand what I am talking about.  It is frustrating to deal with but I have accepted it after years of dealing with my disease and the symptoms that go along with it.


 One such instance happened just a few days ago.  I was in tears.  I tried everything I knew (short of popping a pill) but no book, tv show, or long walk cured the pain.  Finally, I shut myself in my room and sought out my dog.  As always, she was there for me and sat by my side as I fought my silent battle.  After a few hours, the crisis had past.


 I share this story because it is just one instance of how Bella has saved me from insanity, or worse.  Not everyone has a fur-baby to confide in; some have family members, friends or facebook groups that allow them to be themselves and share their deepest pain.  For everyone who has someone, something or some group, let us say a quick “thank you” to them for being there for us, no matter what.

To my Bella, I say a million thank-you’s…you are the best fur-baby in the world and I am so grateful to heaven above for sending you my way.


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