What Does “Healing” Mean to You?

What Does Healing Mean To You pic 2 A few weeks ago, my therapist asked me a question: “what does ‘healing’ mean to you?”


 It startled me.  Healing? Well, that just means getting better, right? The dictionary defines healing as “the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.”  A good, basic definition.  But what does it mean to ME?


 When struggling with chronic Lyme disease or any other serious chronic illness, the process of healing becomes very personal.  My journey will be very different from your journey.  The way my body finds relief, whether through diet, supplementation or medications, may not work for you.  In the end though, I believe we all have specific areas in which we want to be truly healed.  These end goals are often in the physical areas, but many of us also desire healing in the emotional and spiritual realms as well.


Here are a few suggestions as to what “healing” might mean to each of us, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually:


  • get out of bed each day
  • no more brain fog
  • better digestion
  • no more muscle and joint pain
  • the ability to exercise/get into sports again
  • go back to school/start a new career
  • start dating again/revive your marriage
  • have children/raise children

  • no more depression/anxiety
  • no more Lyme rage
  • let go of the guilt over being ill
  • build up self-esteem
  • turn negative energy into positive energy
  • let go of any addictions you are using to cope with your illness
  • work through past traumas
  • forgive those who have hurt you


 In a few days, I am returning to my counselor to discuss my thoughts on healing and how I want to improve in the coming years.  It  has been freeing to realize just how I want my body and soul to heal, and I now have specific goals to work towards.

 I wrote down my thoughts in my journal on this subject, and I encourage you to do the same: what DOES “healing” mean to you?


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