How It All Began, Pt 4

lyme disease awareness ribbon

  My last post ended two years ago, when I became bedridden again.

  It was absolutely devastating to find myself once again unable to get out of bed because of I was so ill.  Never in a million years did I want to reach that place again, yet there I was.  The IV antibiotics had cost me my life savings and more, so not only was I income-deprived, I was broke.  Independence had been taken from me even though I had made it my life’s goal to get out of bed in my teens and do something with my life.

  Lyme disease is harder than most can ever imagine.  As one person put it, “if you don’t have Lyme, you don’t get Lyme.” Because my liver was so overwhelmed by the medications I had been pouring into my body, I began to put on weight, even though I was eating next to nothing.  The search for a new LLMD began.

  Again, my amazing mother found an incredible doctor and I began to see him shortly after becoming bedridden.  It took unparalleled effort to drag myself to his office and the testing he did was intense.  However, he identified key problems with my body (including reduced liver function, a high amount of Candida thanks to the years of antibiotics and a severely disabled gut).  We began to work on these issues while also addressing the Lyme bugs and co-infections that were still wreaking havoc with my system.

  This LLMD put me on a Paleo diet along with many natural supplements including herbals.  Amazingly enough, after a few months, I began to feel better.  There was still no possibility of me getting off the couch but the joint and muscle pain was reduced and the fatigue was not quite as overwhelming as before.

  A few months later, things were still looking up.  Although many of the treatments and supplements I was taking were things I had tried before, they had never been combined in this particular way; each had a specific purpose for treating one of the items on my list of grievances. Together, with the Paleo diet, my body began to heal.

  It has been a year and a half since I began with this latest LLMD.  My current health status is nearly the opposite of what it was two years ago.  Not only has my health improved but I am continuing to test and identify problem areas, afterwards adjusting my protocol as needed. If life continues on this way, I will be ready to join the workforce again and perhaps get back into school.

  It has been over 16 years since I first became sick.  The Lyme is still not officially in remission and it is probable that I will spend the rest of my life fighting this disease.  However, it has made me the person I am today and for that, I am grateful – I’ve been through rough times and so far, my success with survival is 100%.  That fact is encouraging on difficult days.

Thank you for reading my story.


4 thoughts on “How It All Began, Pt 4

    • Thank you for reading my story! We definitely help to keep each other going through this incredible struggle. Stay strong fellow warrior!

  1. Thank you so much for the follow and for your story. I, too, have a compromised liver and am recovered from ED. I struggle daily with CFS and so I know how frustrating the exhaustion you feel can be, but I somehow doubt that my pain levels are on the same scale as yours obviously are. Here’s to surviving the bad days, and enjoying the better ones x

    • The issues we struggle with are serious ones and amen to better days ahead!! Pain is pain, no matter the level. It’s hard on daily life and affects everything we do. Keep fighting, fellow warrior!

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