I Want to Hear From You!


Since starting this blog, I have been blessed with over 600 followers.

  Many of you suffer from chronic illnesses, like myself. I love hearing from my readers and today, I would really like to know two things: first, what illness are you struggling with? Second, what do you enjoy reading about most on my blog?

  Some people appreciate knowing details such as what medications/supplements I have tried, while others appreciate emotional support. I’m writing this blog to HELP others, so I would truly love to know what helps you the most!

  Thank you to all my supportive readers, I could not continue this without you!
Keep fighting, fellow warriors!


2 thoughts on “I Want to Hear From You!

  1. We have one of us with Lyme, SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue…one with yeast/candida…one with 50% of his bones broken and recovering from all that entails. We like your blog because you capture hardship in a balanced and thoughtful way. Your blog is not overwhelmed with adds and relaxes the senses. Thanks Shelby! Keep it up. 3 of us are cheering for you!!!

    • Thanks so much ME!! You 3 are an inspiration to me as well. Love you guys! Thanks for reading!

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