Downton Abbey and Chronic Illness


Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Thomas Hardy…I love period drama TV.

  At least once a week, BBC Masterpiece is playing on my television.  If it isn’t that is only because I have a Jane Austen film running.

  You would think a show like Downton Abbey would be my best friend.  I want it to be! However, my chronic illness is keeping me from binging on this current British classic.

  Oh, I tried watching it.  I got through the entire first season and even some of the second.  Although it is undeniable that the writing is superb, I simply couldn’t keep up with the many, MANY storylines. If you’ve ever seen the show, you understand what I mean; at any given time there are at least six storylines being juggled (often more than that) and the viewer has to keep up with the twenty-plus “main” characters.

  With chronic illness, I have a limited amount of brain-space. Keeping up with daily life takes a tremendous amount of space, so when I watch TV I don’t have much left over. Downton Abbey, simply put, took up too much space.

  Besides, when I found out that Matthew dies, I thought, to h*** with this show.

  Someday I will be able to watch Downton Abbey without getting a headache and feeling exhausted at the end.  Today is not that day (thanks to chronic illness) but someday…

  To my readers: what shows do you enjoy watching (whether on DVD, Netflix or other)? What shows can you NOT handle right now?

Downton Abbey 2


2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey and Chronic Illness

  1. I get that because my concentration level is not as it was and therefore not easy to follow my fav shows. It still serves as a good distraction for the pain.

    • So true – I have other shows I watch constantly because they are excellent distractions. Thank heaven’s for Netflix and Amazon streaming (and I just got Feeln too)!

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