Sickness Sucks

  Being chronically ill is a pain in and of itself.
  Each day is different from the last and even though I’m a pro at this (I’ve been fighting 16 years), some days just suck.
  Really suck.


  The feeling of being completely overwhelmed, even by the simplest of tasks, is unendurable at times.

  Many people have said to me over the years, “God will never give you more than you can handle.” I’d like to amend that statement: “God will let you sink under the waves at times. He will allow a storm so ferocious you cannot keep your head above water. It’s during those storms when you become the strongest swimmer, but because of the water crashing around you, it will feel as if you are getting nowhere.”

  Do you ever sink at times, despite swimming your hardest? How do you deal with those stormy days?


  So far I’ve been battling by using supplements such as chamomile (to calm anxiety), magnesium (again for anxiety, and muscle tension), green tea (to boost my immune system), apple cider vinegar drinks (read up on those), funny tv shows, cuddling with my fur-baby, and the all-important rest.
  These help, but I still have a storm raging on.


8 thoughts on “Sickness Sucks

  1. HI Shelby,
    Yes…the worst is when I go to sleep at night, and then wake up and realize, yes, I have lyme. Yes, it starts all over again. I am thankful that I can move around now and actually do a few little mundane jobs around the house, like laundry and make my daughter’s lunch for school, without having to sloth my way back to bed for three hours.

    I take several different supplements from my naturopath; without her recommendations, I’d be still so weary. If you need the names of them, let me know. I also have hyper food sensitivities: no sugar, no fruit, no dairy, no nightshade vegetables. Basically, I can eat protein, leafy greens, and water. I can also eat cucumbers and carrots as well as fermented foods like pickles and marinated mushrooms. 16 years is a long time! I’m going on 4 months…I’m still a rookie!

    • Thank you so much for reading my blog. I would love to know what you take that is helping you! I’ve tried many things over the years but am always on the lookout for things that others recommend.

      • HI SHELBY:
        Here is my list of supplements as of March, 2015;I keep a running list so that I can always share w/ doctors, etc. I definately felt more energy after starting these supplements.
        Optimum ii, iv, vi – 2/day
        (Eclectic Institute)

        Grapeseed Extract – 3x/day
        100 mg (GNC)

        Echinacea Defense Force- 2x/day
        784 mg (Planetary Herbals)

        Vitamin C- 3x/day
        500 mg (Nature Made)

        BCG – 2x/day
        (Vitral Nutrients)

        *Digestive Enzymes Ultra – 1/meal
        (Pure Encapsulations)
        Just started this on 4/25

      • Awesome, thank you so much! The Vit C, Diestive Enzymes, Echinacea and Grapeseed Extract I’m familiar with; the Optimum and BCG, can you tell me why you were put on those and how they have helped?

  2. Optimum is a multivitamin…it’s very high in nutrients and you can take 2, 4 or 6 a day, depending on your needs. BCQ has all natural elements in it…can’t find the bottle because I ran out and need more! I must have recycled it already! I got all of these through my naturopath.

      • I really credit my naturopath with all the supplements; I definitely felt more energy once I started on the supplements. And since I can’t get my energy from food right now…I have super sensitivities….I need all the supplements.

      • I’m so glad they have helped you. Many of my current supplements are worth their weight in gold – I couldn’t survive without them!

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