Lyme and the Little Things

  After 16 years of chronic Lyme disease, I’ve learned a few things.
  Such as appreciating the little things in life.

  Many people take life for granted and never notice the beauty of the world around them.



Ever felt a raindrop on your cheek? I used to think rain was a nuisance but after I got ill, I realized how healing it was to let that raindrop slowly roll down my skin.



  Ever see a dandelion? Some view them as weeds, but I see wishes. I pick a dandelion, make a silent wish and then gently blow away the seeds.


Beautiful water fountain

  When people pass a fountain, they often think of how beautiful the water looks. I always take out my purse and throw in a penny for good luck; it’s a simple tradition that makes me smile afterwards.


  Chronically ill women often cannot wear high heels. Whenever I am able to, I say a silent “thank you” to the goddess of shoes and make sure to swish my hips more than usual when I walk. Many women take it for granted that they can slip on whatever shoes they wish, at any chosen time.


Fresh basil

  When cooking with fresh ingredients, I often take a moment to just bury my nose in them and enjoy the smell. For example, I had a bag of fresh basil leaves today and after retrieving it from the fridge, I held the leaves up to my nose for a moment. You can’t beat that “right-from-the-garden” freshness, yet how many people take a moment to enjoy it?

  If I wasn’t chronically ill, I would probably be rushing through the rat-race of life, focusing on success, power and wealth. I’d take high heels for granted, think basil leaves were dirty and wonder why the neighbors weren’t spraying their yards for weeds.

  How much I would miss!



2 thoughts on “Lyme and the Little Things

    • Thanks so much for reading! I love hearing from my readers. I got to wear heels today and made sure to “swoosh” as much as possible 🙂

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