Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables!

vegetables picLet’s face it: when you go on a low-inflammation diet (which is often recommended for chronic illness), life becomes all about the vegetables.

Yes, there is meat…eggs possibly…a few baked goods. But doctors and nutritionists push the greens.

Aside from fresh salad, I was at a bit of a loss as to creative vegetable ideas. Steaming frozen peas? Done. Cutting up celery sticks and filling them with peanut butter? Done.

Now what?

Lately I have come across some excellent recipes for creative veggie ideas. Last night, for example, I made zucchini chips (yummy – definitely making them again!) Asian-infused vegetables, made in the oven, were a big hit with my family – search for those on Pinterest. Vegetable shakes, like squash smoothies, have proved equally popular. Grilling a medley of vegetables, like in this recipe, is a great way to add some variety to dinner.

Since I’m ill, the crock-pot gets used fairly often. Putting some cut-up veggies in the crock-pot along with olive oil and some seasoning is a simple and easy way to get greens into your diet.

If you try something or have a favorite vegetable recipe, share! I’m always looking for new ideas!


4 thoughts on “Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables!

  1. You are very fortunate that you can eat such a variety of foods!! I am so limited…nothing that breaks down into sugar at all!! I am going to try your zucchini chips this week.

    • I understand – I have to be careful with certain veggies as well, especially beets and carrots. Let me know how you like the zucchini chips!

      • That’s interesting…I can eat raw carrots, leafy greens, and cucumbers…I haven’t tried beets since they aren’t a favorite of mine to begin with.

      • Carrots have a high level of natural sugar so I simply have to be careful, because of my high glucose levels and the ongoing fight against Candida. My LLMD always pushes the leafy greens though!

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