Lymies and Netflix

netflix pic

For the majority of my struggle with Lyme disease, Netflix was not available.

I still wonder how I survived those days, to be honest.  The local Blockbuster certainly made a killing off of this customer.  I had my own VHS/DVD collection but there are only so many times you can re-watch films.

Then Netflix entered my life.  It’s a Lymie’s best friend at only $10/month for streaming video.

Fatigue, depression, sleeplessness and high levels of pain are constant companies of any Lymie (or anyone with a chronic illness).  Although we fight our disease with medications and intense protocols, it is essential and necessary to rest as much as possible.

No, we are not “lying around.” We are fighting, albeit in a horizontal position. But we are working harder than YOU will ever understand.

Enter Netflix – they have dramas, comedies, period films, independent films, documentaries.  Whatever mood strikes us and whenever that mood strikes us, Netflix is ready.

Actually, I think I will turn on some Netflix now…I have vegetables simmering in the crock-pot upstairs, essential oils diffusing next to me and a glass of green tea ready to drink. Since I still need to decide what to do with the thawed meat I have in the fridge, perhaps I’ll turn on a Food Network show and see what ideas they can give me!


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