Dream Playlist for Spoonies

  I love music.

As a former pianist, I grew up with the classics (as in Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc). In my teens I dived into the world of rock n’ roll, listening to the Beatles, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix and ACDC. Then came pop music: Britney, Christina, even some Justin Beiber.

Music is therapeutic and as long as it isn’t country songs (don’t get me started), I’m up for some free therapy!

Keeping that in mind, I have selected some contemporary songs for those moments that we, as spoonies, all face.


  • When I’m having a rough day:

  • When people push my limits:

  • When my spoonie friends are going through hard times:

  • When friends think I’m crazy for putting myself and my health first:

  • When I remember the good things in life:


2 thoughts on “Dream Playlist for Spoonies

    • I’m so glad you liked it, thanks for reading! Feel free to add any songs you like as well – I’ve already gotten other suggestions!

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