The Things We Do…

The Things We Do pic As a Lymie, I have gone to extraordinary lengths for my health. After over 16 years of ill health, I have to be extremely careful with my body.

Example: my hair used to be blonde. Naturally. That was 20-plus years ago however, and when I “grew up” my hair rebelled and turned brown. A color that I considered boring. So, at age 18, I began dying it blonde again.

It stayed blonde (thanks to chemicals) for many years until recently, when finances dictated that blonde hair wasn’t a true necessity. At the time of this decision I couldn’t even remember what my natural hair color looked like. I bought a box of hair dye from the store and began searching for something resembling the color that God originally intended.

In case you haven’t noticed from my pictures, I’m a girly-girl. I always have my toenails painted, my hair curled and if my energy allows, I wear makeup, a cute outfit and heels. So the idea that I don’t NEED to dye my hair is, frankly, abhorrent to my thought process.

Unfortunately, hair dye is loaded with chemicals. The amount of toxins you put into your body by dying your hair is concerning. After realizing this, I began my quest for all-natural ways of dying my hair.

Keep in mind, I’m working on the correct shade of brown.  Others have tried natural dyes for red or blonde, but I haven’t attempted those at this time.

What I HAVE tried are the following: henna, black walnut powder, coffee and cocoa powder.

Before you raise your eyebrows in surprise, I have it on good authority that all of these methods have worked for others (the internet never lies).

Although my hair color is OK, it is not what I truly want. However, it smells continually like chocolate (thanks to the cocoa powder), so that’s something.

I will go to great lengths for my health. That is obvious. In this case however, I may choose to responsibly load my body with chemicals and toxins and get the hair color I want. We only live once, after all; we might as well have the hair we desire.


4 thoughts on “The Things We Do…

  1. Well girly girl, I wish you luck with this search and I don’t know anything that dyes hair except hair dye. If you went from blonde to brown naturally, you’re probably talking about a golden brown but what one would put on their hair to get that color, I don’t know. Maybe tea bags.

    • My hair certainly changed colors with the methods I listed – I just haven’t gotten the color I really want! I’ll have to see if anyone has tried tea bags – haven’t read about that one yet!

  2. This was a cute article! I’m now researching soaps, shampoos, and detergents that aren’t full of harsh chemicals after my recent visit to a holistic center. I never really thought about all the toxins all around that we are ingesting into our systems all teh time. And I do color my hair brown because I am going silver (not gray…that is a dull color!) and not evenly, I may add! Once I am all silver, I will keep it all silver…wisdom comes with a price and I intend to let all of my silver shine through!

    • I make my own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, underarm detergent and toothpaste. The amount of toxins usually in these items is incredible!!

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