Weight and Lyme Disease, Pt 2

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Since posting my struggle with weight yesterday (Weight and Lyme disease), I have received an immense amount of support from readers who, unfortunately, struggle with the same issues.

As women, we often feel the need to bend to society’s standards of “beauty,” standards that are truly impossible to maintain. In fact, celebrities who often tout their “weight loss” programs are photo shopped on a regular basis. Standards for beauty are not the same as standards for health, but culture rarely makes that difference.

Being healthy is much more important than being skinny.  In fact, I believe that healthy is the new skinny (although America’s Hollywood disagrees with me, but then again, eating disorders are rampant among their female stars).

When I gained a significant amount of weight, I felt the judgment from certain friends and acquaintances.  However, I have come to realize the selfishness of those individuals; they rarely asked about my life and my health.  Since coming to this realization, I have felt freedom from their judgment, knowing that they do not possess the character qualities that I do (such as sensitivity and a caring heart). For those of you who are struggling with weight, please know that the people who judge you for weight gain are often very miserable, selfish people, who will drain your energy without a second thought.

  This doesn’t mean they are “bad people,” it simply means that you need to be aware of their maturity level and not pay much heed to their actions.

Now, to the encouraging section!

I have included some wonderful quotes about inner beauty in the section below.  Several of these quotes are posted around my house (for example, the bathroom mirror) so that I am guaranteed to see them on a daily basis. They remind me of the truth!

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