My First Day

Yesterday was my first day back at work after two years of being too sick to keep up a job.


It was an excellent day, all-in-all. I was expecting to just fill out initial paperwork but my boss actually clocked me in for a shift. We ended up spending the majority of our time outdoors (in 85 degree heat, no less) which was a very unusual situation and most likely will not occur again. However, I not only learned the basics of my new job, I also started my summer tan.

Watch out ya’ll 🙂

As previously stated this is a part-time job (see my posts “Starting to Move On,” “Hired!” and “Working”). My next day isn’t until next week.

This suits me just fine considering this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I am planning to attempt crab cakes for my family. A lot of energy will be expelled on those since it is my first time making crab anything.

My boss seems to be a genuinely decent person (haven’t had many of those) and the other employees that I met were very friendly and encouraging.

It didn’t hurt that I baked delicious Cinnamon Muffins for everyone and made sure they were passed around.

Today, I’m a bit warm and tired. Tanning for several hours in the sweltering heat while trying to learn new job skills will do that to a person. However, I knew today would be a slow day and I was fully prepared to rest on the couch with the air conditioning/fan on. My fur-baby Bella missed me yesterday and is sticking close to my side.


For the rest of the afternoon/evening, my tasks are to prepare dinner (fresh salad, Shepherds Pie and perhaps Flaxseed cookies) as well as do some laundry, cleaning and sauna time (bring on the heat, again!)

Thank you so much, faithful readers, for following me on this journey towards a better life and better health!


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