Lyme Disease Facts, in pictures

Here are a few facts about Lyme Disease. Feel free to share these with family and friends – they are more likely to glance at pictures then read a lot of information (I know from experience).

Lyme disease awareness month is almost over, but the fight continues for accurate testing, proper diagnosis, knowledgeable doctors and insurance coverage!


You read it: NO RELIABLE TESTING, yet there are over 800 cases per day!


My treatment has taken over 16 years and the Lyme is still not in full remission (that’s just sad).


True. I don’t.


It is called, “The Great Imitator” for a reason.


Lyme does not discriminate. Neither do co-infections.


These are just A FEW of the symptoms of Lyme disease.


Hello yoga pants!



5 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Facts, in pictures

  1. These blogs continue to be great Shelby! I even learned a few new things in the “Facts with Pictures”! Love you! -Dad

  2. I love your blog! ❤ I can relate to some extent, as I also suffer from chronic illness (gastroparesis and achalasia, I also blog about them), stay strong!

    • Thank you so much! And thank you for reading my little blog – my goal is to use my experience and knowledge to help others, so seeing any new readers is a huge blessing!

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