Oh Tooth Pain…how you suck!

These past few days have been…interesting.


First of all, I worked all weekend, which was great. I’m truly enjoying my new job and it is giving me confidence to pursue more from life. Every morning I wake up to go to work I am grateful, knowing all too well that any form of independence for a body riddled with Lyme disease is a sort of miracle.

I have a few complaints of course…I’m not perfect! My feet hurt tremendously by the end of the day (I don’t normally stand for hours upon hours…for my last job I had to force myself to get up and move around whenever possible). Also, my uniform is exceedingly plain. I’m dressing it up as much as possible (and getting many curious comments from co-workers for doing so) but I refuse to go over to the dark side by donning Dockers-like pants with tennis shoes. That’s just me, of course. But I’m still allowed to complain.

Other than those tragedies, work is good.

Then, a few days ago, a tooth starting hurting. Hurting like cra-cra…hurting like, as I so respectfully put it, “a son of a b****.”


This tooth has been sensitive for a while (at least a year) and I’ve been successful at treating it delicately enough not to cause tears. Yes, I needed to get it looked at a long time ago. Those who are also chronically ill will understand the need for SOME semblance of standing on your own two feet at times…I wanted to wait to treat my tooth until I could pay for it myself. All was going as planned until I got careless a few days ago.

And holy crap, have I been paying for it.


Tooth pain can be both fantastically painful and exceedingly annoying…like running your nails down a chalkboard while sticking a needle in your eye.

I’m seeing my dentist, but the soonest I could get in is four days from now. So, to help handle the pain, I’m taking over-the-counter pain pills while trying to numb the tooth area with Clove oil (it actually does help – Google it if you’re curious!)

The filling in my tooth may have cracked, or there may be an infection going on. Either way, it’s painful.

Thankfully, I had today to wallow in my sorrows so I drove to my local Redbox and rented several movies. I’m almost done with the latest Mission Impossible  (not a huge Tom Cruise fan but I was curious what they would do after four previous storylines). For my British fans, Tom Hollander is in it…I think he and Tom Cruise are about the same height.

The funny things you notice when in pain.

Time to go. Need to make sure Tom Cruise will save the world yet again…and need to take something more for the pain. Extra-strength Advil, anyone?



4 thoughts on “Oh Tooth Pain…how you suck!

  1. Hey girl, think on this…a tooth gargle. It’s in the Be Your Own Doctor book and it’s strong. I’ve got the ingredients. The book has other ideas that have worked for me. Will be in touch 😊 ME

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